Corporate Events

Before founding The Wow Factor Events we worked at (as consultants or managers) some italian and foreign companies, sometimes even at multinationals.


And we did it for a really long time.


So we perfectly know, just for living it deeply, that for a CEO or Marketing Director, apart from the budget discussions or the choice among timeline/organizational aspects, the topic item is to preserve and boost the company’s most important intangible resource:


The Brand and his reputation.


The event put everything on stage.

Under the spots the potentiality (and the risks) are boosted at top.


So, dear Marketing Director, put your trust on TheWowFactor Events.


Maybe we will fight for the budget you will allow us to manage your corporate event.


But it will never happen that one of our Event Managers misses the most important goal: to qualify and further enhance your brand, adding share of mind & esteem thanks to our spectacular events.


See you at your event!

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